Welcome to the best days of summer

For the whole family • Open every single day all summer long!

Kneippbyn’s Sommarland (Summerland) & Vattenland (Waterland) have fun activities for the whole family! Visit the real Villa Villekulla and meet Pippi Longstocking and her friends. Play, swim, eat well, and enjoy all Kneippbyn has to offer with family and friends. There is something exciting and fun for everyone here!

Get ready for serious fun!

Summer & Waterland

Kneippbyn’s Sommarland (Summerland) has everything your family needs for an exciting and fun day! Meet Pippi at Villa Villekulla and enjoy over 25 activities. Jump, play, and laugh with the scent of cotton candy and freshly popped popcorn all around you!

At Vattenland (Waterland) there are water activities appropriate for all ages! Young children can enjoy our two baby pools, while their siblings brave the Bullet, Shark River, or try out our one of a kind Half Pipe. There really is something for the whole family! With 17 slopes in 9 courses and 7 pools with different themes, everyone will soon find their favorite place in Vattenland!

Kneippbyn Resort Visby

Restaurang Boston Diner, Kneippbyn Resort Visby

Food & Drink

We have something for everyone to enjoy!

At Kneippbyn Resort there are several different restaurants that are open both during the day and in the evenings. We focus on using local ingredients as much as possible for a fresh dining experience. Restaurant Solsidan offers a popular lunch buffet with a fantastic view of the amazing Baltic Sea.
Newer in our dining experience is the Restaurant Gusto where we have embraced Italian cuisine!

You can find Restaurant Gusto and Lagunen Pool Club in Vattenland (Waterland) for snacks that keep your energy level high for a full day in the parks. In Sommarland you will find the Restaurant Solsidan with a delicious lunch buffet and our burger joint Boston Diner. Another option in Sommarland is the cozy Café Borgen – a little cafe by Båtsjön where you can enjoy a cold ice cream, a delicious waffle, or find a refreshing drink during the day.

Get ready for

the best day of summer!

Kneippbyn’s Sommarland (Summerland) has everything your family needs for an exciting and fun day! Meet Pippi at the original Villa Villekulla and enjoy over 25 activities. Jump, play, and laugh with the scent of cotton candy and freshly popped popcorn all around you! We have bouncy castles, pedal boats and even a flying boat for you to enjoy! Try the new ride Pirate Case and Storm, go gold panning with friends and much, much more.

In the heart of Sommarland is the real Villa Villekulla, the original house from SVT’s films about Pippi Longstocking. The house is open every day and during the high season you can visit Pippi Theatre and meet Pippi and her friends a couple of times every day.

Sommarland also has several dining options to keep your holiday well fueled. A popular option for visitors is the tasty lunchtime buffet at Restaurant Solsidan – perfect for the whole family! Another favorite in Sommarland is Café Borgen where you can enjoy freshly baked waffles and a large assortment of delicious ice creams and beverages.

Kneippbyn Resort Visby

Are you ready

to make a splash?

At Vattenland (Waterland) there are water rides and activities appropriate for all ages! Young children can enjoy our two baby pools, while their siblings brave the Bullet, Shark River, or try out our one-of-a-kind Half Pipe. There really is something for the whole family! With 17 racing slopes in 9 courses and 7 pools with different themes, everyone will soon find their favorite place in Vattenland!

Rest up by Lagunen (The Lagoon) in between trips to each of our fantastic rides. Lounge on our sunbeds or find a cool spot in the shade under an umbrella. Don’t forget to get your ice cream! Lagunen is a lovely lounging area around a temperature-controlled pool with many nice options for a mid-day snack to keep you energized for a full day in Vattenland!

Kneippbyn Vattenland Gotland

Lodging on Gotland, Kneppbyn Resort

Are you looking for holiday lodgings on Gotland? Welcome to Kneippbyn Resort, just south of Visby! We offer accommodation in bed and breakfast rooms, camping cabins, hotels, holiday cabins, caravans and apartments. Kneippbyn claims Gotland’s only five-star camping! Find modern service houses and all the facilities you could wish for at our amazing campsites. Most campsites are located by the sea and have electricity hook-ups and satellite dish connection. Some sites are also equipped with water hook-ups. In addition to camping, there is also an accommodation facility with about 750 beds in different categories and you choose the price range yourself.

Bed & Breakfast

From simple to luxurious! Our B&B accommodations range from simple lodgings in Kneippbyn’s holiday village and camping cabins to our premium, modern family cabins. One of our luxury fishing cottages by the sea is shown here.


Check out Kneippbyn’s five-star campsite! The campsite is beautifully situated overlooking the Baltic Sea just south of Visby. Two modern service houses with all required facilities such as kitchens, showers and toilets as well as laundry facilities are available to our camping guests.


We have two hotel accommodation options: Kneippbyns Hotell and Kallenbergs Villa. Kneippbyns Hotell boasts sea views from a higher vantage point above the parks while Kallenbergs Villa is located next to the Restaurant Solsidan and has nine modern rooms for guests to enjoy.

Holiday cottages & apartments

Cottages, apartments and holiday houses with self-catering. These accommodations are between 20 – 65 sqm and are equipped with kitchenette/kitchen, shower and toilet and TV. All cottages have a porch with outdoor furniture for guest use.

Meetings, kick-off events, and conferences on Gotland

Gotland is a special place to host your kick-off event or conference. The environment created by the landscape and the people here form a perfect place to build strong teams. Kneippbyn is able to facilitate and host meetings, conferences, and kick-offs for 10-1000 people – whether you are a large company that wants the entire facility booked privately or a small management team that wants to meet in an inspiring and creative environment, we can work with you to make your vision come to life.

Kneippbyn has 750 beds in various accommodation styles across the resort (hotel rooms, apartments and cottages). Meals are hosted at Restaurant Solsidan with the beautiful Baltic Sea as a backdrop. Meetings and other conference events are organized either in one of the facilities in the Rotunda or in the newly renovated Kallenbergs Villa.

The original Villa Villekulla

The real Villa Villekulla, the original house from SVT’s films about Pippi Longstocking (Långstrump), sits in the middle of Kneippbyn Resort. Villa Villekula is an integral part of Kneippbyn and of our visitors’ experience here. The house was moved to where it stands today (in one piece!) in 1970. The films ”Pippi on the seven seas” (2001-2002) and ”Pippi on space” (2015) were filmed at Villa Villekula’s current location here in Sommarland! In 2015, we again renovated Villa Villekulla to recreate the environment from the classic Pippi films.

About Villa Villekulla and Gotland
Villa Villekulla is a turn-of-the-century villa. A date signed by E. Ahlqvist on the stairs indicates that the house was added to or built originally in 1902. The villa was originally used as a manager’s residence with the basement used Gotland Regiment on Visborgsslätt.

During the early part of the 1960s, the villa was home for a short time to music director Åke Dohlin (Hagström 1996: 91) and dentist Bergstedt. The house then become storage for ammunition and underwear for the regiment. In 1968 the villa took on a new life becoming known as Villa Villekula when the first episodes of the Pippi series aired. These episodes were filmed on Gotland!

During the late 1960s, Astrid Lindgren and director Olle Hellbom decided to start filming the Pippi stories. After finding a Pippi and an Annika, they were still missing a Villa Villekulla, a Tommy, a horse and a monkey. In an effort to find something suitable, Hellbom placed a humor-filled ad in Expressen with the headline ”Do you have a house for Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking)?” with an accompanying picture of how they hoped the house would look. The advertisement also includes a requirement that there should be a magnificent tree beside the house and that the house should be in an older residential area. The ad, which was written in a humorous way, ends with ”The house, the horse, Tommy and the monkey can send themselves to Nord Art, Fack, Stockholm 1. Pippi is timeless and we are looking for locations that aesthetically recall the turn of the last century.”

Gotland was chosen partly because the modern traffic signs that had already been installed on the mainland of Sweden hadn’t yet been installed on the island – this gave the surroundings the impression of a bygone era which was important for the films. Only a month before filming was set to begin, Hellbom and photographer Kalle Bergholm came to Gotland for a shrimping trip. As they traveled around the island, they saw the future Villa Villekiula – then still the manager’s home and storage area. They were immediately impressed by the home, with its decorate wood carvings and large garden – it was exactly what they were looking for as Pippi’s place! At the time the house still belonged to the regiment, which at first made filming there impossible. However, a generous offer of 10,000 SEK to General Hjukström won approval for Villa Villekula to become the film home of Pippi and her friends.

Before the filming began, the house was painted colorfully and a porch was added. More decorative wood carvings were added onto the house and shutters were installed at the jaunty angle illustrated in the books. The house’s pinnacles, spiers and chimney were also given the same skewed appearance. For the films, only the exterior of the house was originally used – all indoor scenes were shot in studio settings.

The Pippi series made the old manager’s house famous throughout Sweden. Though it remained deserted and was only used as storage by the military, large numbers of tourists were attracted to Gotland to see the real Villa Villekula! The head of the department of tourism for Gotland saw the positive attention that the island was receiving because of Pippi and her house and began dreaming that one day Villa Villekula could become a play paradise for children and that it could host parties and good times. But the house was still located in a designated military area, which made the villa and the garden a dangerous playground to visit.

At this time, records indicate that house was decaying: large parts of the facade were beginning to rot. Had it not been for the connection to Pippi, the house would have been demolished. (GT 1969) The regiment felt indifferent to Villa Villekulla and planned to have the house remoed: they would get a new storage space and needed to expand their firing range anyway. General Hjukström believed that the Pippi-craze would blow over in a year and that tearing down the house would not be a loss. The plan to destroy the popular attraction caught the attention of the local newspapers and even the evening newspapers on the mainland of Sweden: Aftonbladet’s Sunday newspaper ran an appeal to save Pippi’s house on May 4th, 1969. The house was then put up for auction with a requirement that the buyer must be able to relocate it outside of the military area. Three people engaged in the bidding and the winner was Einar Nyberg from Gotland! Einar was the new owner of the real Villa Villekulla (and was the owner of Kneippbyn!).

Before the move, Nyberg’s crew had to excavate a road for Villa Villekulla to travel down all the way to where it stands now at Kneippbyn. The house was able to be moved in one piece because it still had a strong frame which allowed it to be transported instead of disassembled. A special undercarriage made of iron beams to act as sliders was constructed to facilitate the move.

Villa Villekulla was moved to a place with a history of its own. Kneippbyn (Kneipp Village), which was named after the German priest and health prophet Sebastian Kneipp, was initially designed as a health resort. Sebastian Kneipp was known for curing his tuberculosis through taking cold baths, barefoot walks, and lots of fresh air (among other lifestyle benefits). Dr. Karl Kallenberg, who bought the land south of Visby in 1907 intended to create a place inspired by Sebastian Kneipp’s treatment methods – he therefor named his vision Kneippbyn. In the winter of 1969, Villa Villekulla was bought at auction and moved by Einar Nyberg to Kneippbyn. The acquisition of the house fit in with the developments that had taken place in Kneippbyn over several decades: in the 70’s Kneippbyn had become a place for leisure and family and vacations.
Once in place, visitors could come and see Villa Villekula more safely and enjoy a “sugar drink” from the “sugar drink tree”. The Kneippbyn staff would press a button and “sugar drink” would flow directly from the tree into a child’s waiting glass – each cup was 50 öre.
Kneippbyn has continued to evolve and the 80’s brought Kneippbyn’s next big change. Water slides were built to expand the park and the focus for Villa Villekula was to restore the interior and recreate the film’s settings in the house as it had looked during the studio filming. A lot of time, care, and energy has gone into this work and even included finding authentic items used during the filming!

Kneippbyns sommar- och vattenland

Kneippbyn Active

In the heart of our resort, find Kneippbyn Active for all your exercise needs! We have options throughout the summer to keep you active and engaged.

Enjoy a visit to our well-equipped outdoor gym for self-guided training. Other active options include playing on some of Sweden’s most beautifully located paddle courts or taking a ride on our very popular pump-track. A unique submerged tennis court (Hardcourt) and beach volleyball court are also close at hand as additional sporting options.

Located adjacent to Kneippbyn are beautiful natural areas with incredible views and a wonderful environment for relaxing or exercising. In the neighboring nature reserve, Södra Hällarna, you can happily explore the many running and walking trails that we’ve developed over time for our guests’ enjoyment. Or enjoy starting and ending the day in our temperature-controlled pool at Lagunen (The Lagoon)!

During high season, (Weeks 28-32) 10 July to 13 August, we arrange a number of leader-led activities for our resident guests. The program includes yoga, group training, children’s yoga, running, tennis and paddle.

To see the complete schedule and to register please click here.

Karta över semesterboenden och upplevelser på Kneippbyn Resort Visby

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